Welcome to the website of ZWorld consultancy.

ZWorld is an independent consultancy company with over 15 years of experience in business critical ICT environments,
offering services in impact analysis, design, testing, implementation and optimization.
These services can be offered in any business critical ICT environment, but ZWorld specializes in
Payment Card Processing and HP NonStop Services.

NonStop Services

With expert knowledge of HP NonStop / Tandem systems, Zworld can offer senior roles in installing, maintaining and improving systems, applications and services

- HP Master ASE certified
- Improving business results by getting the most out of your HP NonStop
- Performance & Capacity Management
- Database optimization
- Official HP and tailor made Training & Education

Payment Cards processing

Zworld can offer technical lead roles in the entire payment cards processing chain:

- EMV, Magstripe & Contactless card interaction
- POS & ATM acquiring, including Base24, Base24-eps
- Transaction interchange
- Transaction authorisation
- Clearing & settlement processing
- Merchant accounting
- Cardholder accounting
- Extensive knowledge of a wide range of standard and proprietary transaction exchange protocols